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About Us

AQUA-Pro Reverse Osmosis water purification system has a range of 'State of Art' product range. You can now convert the normal tap water into pure and safe drinking water any time you want. The 'FILM TECH Membrane' technology cleanses the normal tap water of all salts, bacteria and viruses to produce 100% safe and hygienic drinking water. This technology extracts and drains away all the impurities that pose health hazards and flushes them out making the water safe for human consumption. We have a range of water purification solutions that suit different needs. The range extends from products that suit the commercial use to that of Residential use. We offer high quality reverse osmosis products like under counter drinking water units, counter top filters, plastic filter housings, membrane housings, whole house filters, in-line filters, ultraviolet light sterilizers and residential water testing supplies. Whatever be your need we have a solution that meets your requirement.