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Water Filtration System

Water supply can be contaminated by a number of external sources before it is consumed and used by households for cooking, cleaning and drinking. Industries that don’t consider the effects of pollution they create can seriously endanger the health of local communities. This technical brief outlines some water treatment solutions which can help communities have access to cleaner and safer water.In developing countries such large-scale infrastructure does not exist, thus polluted water is a big problem. Charities are very active in combating this problem, especially in rural areas, helping villages to install sanitation facilities and groundwater pumps or water purification technology. The focus of this paper will be on smaller, household systems for purifying water, looking at existing appropriate technology for purifying water in developing countries, with a special focus on Zambia in sub-saharan Africa. Background is also provided on water, the diseases associated with unsafe water and their effect on a population.

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